An Update on Sustainability

  • by Catherine Deagle

Our Mindful Mission

At CaseNation, we value transparency with our customers, and are eager to share some important updates with you. In 2020, we began learning about alternative options to manufacture more responsibly while still maintaining the quality we are so committed to. The present situation as a result of COVID, has reinforced our decision to hike up our efforts towards sustainability. Although the process is a never ending one, and there’s no one size-fits-all approach, we believe we have taken the first steps in the right direction.

Biodegradable and Compostable Phone Case - CaseNation

Peppermint Biodegradable Phone Case

As a Company we’ve decided to commit our efforts to three areas as we believe they will have the most impact.

Reducing Our Footprint

We’ve narrowed our working relationship to a few select production partners to ensure that the materials they use and the consumable products we provide on our platform have no adverse environmental impacts, are recyclable, and, by operating faster, reduce the costs of energy use. Furthermore, by filling orders closest to our customers’ locations, we reduce our and their carbon footprints. We are committed to continuously improving these processes and practices with our partners as technologies and material science advance.

Product Quality and Excellence

We, through our global supply chain partners, are committed to constantly improving our processes, practices, and products, from initial development and design through to manufacture and delivery. Our partners are certified by Intertek, ensuring that all materials, manufacturing processes are certified as compliant.

Employees and Global Social Responsibilities

We, and our supply chain partners, are committed to meeting and to continuously improving on the highest standards of product development, manufacture and delivery. With a focus on three distinct goals: optimal customer benefit; highest employee health and safety standards (EHS) in all our workplaces; and maximum environmental compatibility.

We value our supply chain partners’ membership in amfori:BSCI – the worldwide Business Social Responsibility Initiative and their compliance with the global work of the Fair Labor Association and its initiatives to eradicate slavery, forced labor, child labor and harassment and abuse in the workplace, and the promotion of health and safety and suitable work environments for employees.

We will continue our open dialogues with our customers to understand their needs and requirements in these thereby allowing us to continue our successful development of products and services that are both sustainable and provide competitive advantages in the marketplace.

Looking Ahead

We recognize there will be challenges and will continue to evolve and improve in order to reduce our environmental impact, sharing our efforts with you along the way.

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