What is a biodegradable phone case?

  • by Nicolas Lusk

Making a Case for sustainability/the environment.

As billions of people observed Earth Day on April 22nd, and international Heads of State convened at the Global Climate Summit, the environment and sustainability have again made headline news.

Doing the right thing for the planet is becoming more and more important to everyone. In fact, based on a  BCG survey conducted, the majority of participants expressed their increasing concern over environmental issues post the Covid 19 pandemic, and their belief that personal actions could positively impact the environment. Among the top actions cited: recycling and composting is one that is being done more consistently.

Sustainability and being environmentally responsible is part of our ethos, and as our focus is to constantly innovate to ensure we can do what’s right and help our customers, our next step was to include biodegradable cases to our collection.

While it may seem odd, and perhaps a little worrisome to place what is perhaps your most used item daily – your phone – in a biodegradable case, we want to reassure you that there is no cause for concern!

What is a biodegradable phone case?

Simply put, these eco-friendly phone cases are made from a blend of plant polymers and bamboo binders. Plant polymers include corn starch, tapioca roots and sugar cane amongst others. When combined, they offer a rigid and hard phone case, capable of resisting the day-to-day dings that your phone will endure.

So, there is no concern over their durability as they will provide your phone with the same kind of protection that you would expect from a regular phone case! They even allow for wireless charging so they require no change to your usage, should you find plugging in your phone to be pesky.

Because they are bio-based, bio-compostable and 100% recyclable, our biodegradable cases will only decompose once they have been disposed of under specific conditions, not while in use! In comparison with other materials that can take up to 1000 days to decompose, biodegradable products break down within 160 days, with minimized impact on nature and reduced waste.

We believe being eco-friendly shouldn’t come at a price. According to a 2020 global survey conducted by The Conference Board, polled consumers placed the price premium as one of the two top deterrents to purchasing sustainable products. Our biodegradable cases remain affordable and will cost the same as cases made with different processes!

What’s more, as we are a member ShoppingGives, we donate 5% of your purchase value, at no extra cost to you, to the cause or nonprofit of your choice. We are also participating, through our supply chain partners, in One Tree Planted initiatives.

Where beliefs meet style

Our biodegradable cases can look as great as you want them to be and can be personalised! Whether you want to show your love and respect for the planet with an earthy motif or playful butterflies or make a statement with your own quote, you can rest assured that your self-expression is also eco-conscious as we only use 100% water-based inks that are environmentally friendly.

Another sustainable move; we use dual-purpose, single-box packaging when we ship your phone case to you. Our delivery boxes are made with recycled & recyclable paper & cardboard, and are also designed to be used for any returns as well! 

You can easily do your bit for the planet, and check CaseNation’s eco-conscious range. With our customizable biodegradable phone cases, you can protect your phone and the planet!


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