Empowering Sustainable Choices


Recycled & Recyclable Packaging Paper

We utilize 100% recycled and recyclable single-box packaging.


We wanted to ensure that no hazardous chemicals would be used in our manufacturing process (to make things as safe as possible for our workers). So, we use water-based inks to print our products.


Choosing Like-minded Partners

Like us, our partners are committed to continuous improvement. We work exclusively with vendors that have adopted our constant-evolution mentality.

Our Company Culture

Creating a safe space to come to work every day is vital to our success. Our mental, emotional and physical health and well-being is crucial in creating a nourishing and fulfilling environment for us and our children, and it’s what we looked for when partnering with our supply chain partners.

Fair Working Hours & Wages

As a new sustainable brand, we made sure that our supply chain partners are compliant with the global work of the Fair Labor Association and its initiatives. These key initiatives are the eradication of slavery, forced labor, child labor, harassment and abuse in the workplace, as well as the promotion of health and safety and suitable work environments for employees.

Our Code of Conduct

Our priority, is selecting partners that share our core value – sustainability.


From Our Fulfillment Centers to Your Front Door.

We make sure every step of the journey to unboxing your new phone accessory is low-impact.


Our supply chain partners ensure that all of their manufacturing, consumable products have no adverse environmental impact, are recyclable, and, by operating faster, reduce energy usage therefore reducing their carbon footprint.

Dual-Purpose, Single-Box Packaging

We’ve gone minimalist. Now our phone cases and tech accessories are delivered to your door in one box, which acts as both packaging and your product box – the box is also designed to be used for any returns as well! (All made with recycled & recyclable paper & cardboard.)

Carbon-Neutral Shipping

By filling our customers’ orders from locations closest to them, we reduce our carbon footprint.  

Giving Back

At the end of the day, we are most proud of our direct contributions to improving the environment and the lives of others. Seeing friends and family going through ordeals during COVID has been a wakeup call. We’ve made it our mission to steadfastly look at how we can give back to people and the planet.

In October 2020, we joined ShoppingGives. ShoppingGives is about like-minded brands and shoppers joining the Giving Economy and participating in frictionless giving, making a positive impact over profit. We are excited to be partnered with brands that value collaboration and positive impact over competitiveness and profit. By shopping with a member of ShoppingGives, you are doing more than just buying quality products, you are showing your support to a cause or nonprofit that matters to you. With every purchase, we donate 5% of your purchase value, at no extra cost to you, to the cause or nonprofit of your choice.

We are also participating, through our supply chain partners, in One Tree Planted initiatives. As such, with every product purchase a tree is planted.

And this is just the beginning. Stay tuned!

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